The steps to selling a property in the United States

Due to the fact that there is no sales exclusivity, it is of utmost importance that you choose a real estate broker that offers exceptional services and that is not limited only to the Brazilian market. With Pointon Realty, you can count on professionals who think globally, serving clients from all over the world.

It is with focus on this audience that your property will be exposed, on the various platforms that are connected to MLS (Multiple Listing Service), such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc..

Choose the Broker
The first step is to choose who will "take care" of your property.
Market Analysis
This professional will then do a market analysis to define the value to be listed.
Marketing and Strategy
As soon as the property is active in MLS, the process of disclosure and promotion begins.
Foto de Andrea Pointon, Broker na Pointon Realty

Choose the Broker

Choose the best Realtor®, who will list and promote your property in all portals. With Pointon Realty, your property will receive a dignified and exceptional treatment, with professional photos, presentation videos and an exclusive Virtual Tour (see below).

Imagem de uma análise comparativa de mercado imobiliário

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

We will do an analysis of your property, such as renovations and repairs that have been made, as well as do a market analysis (CMA - Comparative Market Analysis) on the outskirts and properties similar to yours. From this analysis, it will be possible to define an appropriate and competitive value to list your property in the market so that it is sold as soon as possible, since properties that have been listed for a long time may be "badly seen" by those who are looking for a property to buy or even among other realtors.

In general, the main reason why a property does not sell is that price is not right for the market, hence the importance of pricing it correctly.

What really sells your property

In short, what most contributes to your property being sold quickly is the following:
The Right Price

The first 2 weeks are the hottest "online movement" period of your home, since the listing is new and appears prominently in most portals. The strategy of listing your property for a higher value, hoping to receive a lower offer, does not work here. We can prove to you that the difference between the listed value and the sale value of a property is very low, often less than 1%.


Today it is no longer a novelty that the Internet is the biggest responsible for the buyer's first contact with the property. That is why it is essential to have quality photos, made by a professional, because the initial goal is to attract attention and delight the buyer.


In addition to the professional photos, at Pointon Realty your home will have a presentation video, in English, as we have already mentioned we work with an international market. We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture every detail of your property and bring out the best in professional videos.

Virtual Tour
Animação de um tour virtual

By listing your property with Pointon Realty we will also be taking an exclusive Virtual Tour with Matterport®, a special camera that shoots in high resolution multiple points within your home and allows buyers from all over the world to walk around the house as if they were in it. Access examples on this page.


The work does not end with the photos, videos and virtual tour. We invest a certain amount of money to disseminate your property in the main digital media, using effective strategies to reach the best possible target audience.


We have advanced tools to quickly and efficiently serve all those received in our communication channels. Our focus is to arouse as much interest as possible so that these leads convert into a visit to the property and/or the sale of the same.

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